DIY Project: Our Wedding!

Yep, I am officially off the market (not like everyone care, lol) But yeah, we said our “I do’s” last May 18 and yep – it’s all DIY. We didn’t looked for wedding planner, except the cake maker. 

I’ve been visualizing my wedding since I’m in Philippines and working on my visa papers. There has been multiple color theme changes – from emerald to coral to blush, but it always stays as a rustic nature concept.

Keith told me we can arrange our wedding on his mother’s lake house. His mom was happy to do it there, but a heap of drama happened. Her septic tank failed so some parts of the yard were excavated, trees fell, and everywhere was muddy after real bad winter hit Illinois. It kept on raining most days of spring so months before the wedding, she thought about finding a place to accommodate the ceremony. In the end, we both agreed to just do an indoor wedding. Which is all fine to me because she has a wonderful house and a really nice living room window.

We decided to keep the ceremony private, so we only have Keith’s great grandparents,  grandparents and parents as guest while the rest are entourage. Friends were invited later on for an after party.

Here’s the rundown of our DIY wedding checklist:

Wedding Invitation

Since I know how to use Photoshop, it wasn’t hard for me to create the design I wanted. It was Spring when we tied the knot so I kept the floral feel of the season. I looked for minimalist inspiration on Pinterest and searched for free vectors online that I can use to achieve the look I desired.


I got this printed from an online website called VistaPrint. For $50, I got a 10 pair of invitation with customized enveloped (2 back to back printed papers inside) and another 10 pairs of after wedding party invitation. Keith told me it could be cheaper if we did it in Walmart, but I didn’t regret nonetheless. The company doesn’t have the best reputation when I checked for its rating online, but I am glad that the invitation turned out exactly how I wanted it.

This is my first version of the wedding invitation. My best friends had this altho they weren’t able to attend the wedding.
Wedding Dress

I did not fancy a ball type of wedding gown because I did that in high school and although it made me feel like a princess,  it wasn’t that fun. I’m not saying don’t buy a ball gown. If your heart is shouting for that and you think it will make your special day more magical then go for it! I just prefer to move easier and not worry about anything.

Anyway, I bought my dress in Philippines too – before I traveled to USA, so I definitely looked for a white dress that is easy bring and can fit on my hand-carry luggage. I went back and forth to Divisoria, a well-known commercial market in Manila. Everything you can think of is honestly there – ball gowns, wedding tiara and crowns, shoes, bags, jewelries and everything! They have beautifully sewn gowns that are not so expensive. Sadly, I didn’t find the dress that I am looking for. 

I looked and looked and kept on looking until I stumble upon this shop called Miss Selfridge in SM Mega Mall. 


A mannequin was wearing it from the shop window display and although it’s expensive than what I was hoping for I can’t let it go. I went inside and tried it on and I knew it was the one.


My husband and his entourage just went to Mens Wearhouse and rented suits a week before our wedding. Girl, they stressed me out so much.

Venue and Decorations

Honestly, we are lucky enough that my husband’s mom has a perfect house to host the wedding so we didn’t need to pay for a venue.  She bought the vines and flowers we need and we worked on whatever we have on hand. We got fake ones so we can re-use them on other occasions! I mean ain’t that smart or what?

So from this…

to this..

Here are other things we did :

“It doesn’t matter if we don’t have lavish decorations, our wedding clothes turned out ugly, we don’t serve best foods or we don’t have an extravagant wedding. What matter is that you and I are getting married. What matter is me and you.”

– My husband told me before as we were doing this process and he thinks I’m stressed out.

Pretty cheesy, but he has a point. We’ve seen hundreds of lavish wedding – celebrity or none, that ends up in divorce or annulment.   I am really happy how my wedding turned out. If there’s one more thing I wish to make everything perfect, that is to 

I’m on my way writing the final outcome of our wedding. Stay tuned or maybe hit follow button if you wish to see how it turned out!



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